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Publications citing objects in the NRM Ichthyology Collection

Papers: 180. Objects: 1458. Species: 466. Authors: 127. Period: 1758-2019.
Author Year Title Journal/Publisher
Ready, JS and SO Kullander2004Apistogramma eremnopyge, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from PeruZootaxa, 564: 1-10
Kullander, SO, Norén, M, Rahman, MD & Mollah, AR2019Chameleonfishes in Bangladesh: hipshot taxonomy, sibling species, elusive species, and limits of species delimitation (Teleostei: Badidae)Zootaxa, 4586: 301-337
Vasil'eva, E.D., D. Kim, V. Vasil'ev, M.-H Ko & Yong-Jin Won2016Cobitis nalbanti, a new species of spined loach from South Korea, and redescription of Cobitis lutheri (Teleostei: Cobitidae)Zootaxa, 4208:577-591
Kullander, Rahman, Norén & Mollah2015Danio annulosus, a new species of chain Danio from the Shuvolong Falls in Bangladesh (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Danioninae)Zootaxa, 3994-5368
Landim, MI, Moreira, CR & Figueiredo, CA2015Retroculus acherontos, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei) from the Rio Tocantins basinZootaxa, 3972: 369-380
Britz, R. & S.O. Kullander2013Dario kajal, a new species of badid fish from Meghalaya, India (Teleostei: Badidae)Zootaxa, 3731: 331–337
Conway,K.W., D. E. Dittmer, L. E. Jezisek & H.H. Ng2013On Psilorhynchus sucatio and P. nudithoracicus, with the description of a new species of Psilorhynchus from northeastern India (Ostariophysi: Psilorhynchidae)Zootaxa, 3686: 201–243
Ng, H.H. & S.O. Kullander2013Glyptothorax igniculus, a new species of sisorid catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from MyanmarZootaxa, 3681: 552-562
Kullander, S. O. & C. A. S. Lucena2013Crenicichla gillmorlisi,a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the Paraná river drainage in ParaguayZootaxa, 3641: 149-164
Britz, R. & K. E. Hartel2012On the synonymy of Caristius groenlandicus Jensen and Pteraclis fasciatus Borodin (Pisces: Caristiidae)Zootaxa, 3546: 85-88
Kullander, S.O., M. Karlsson & M. Karlsson2012Lepidiolamprologus kamambae, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake TanganyikaZootaxa, 3492: 30-48
Kottelat, M2012Acanthocobitis pictilis, a new species of loach from Myanmar and ThailandZootaxa, 3327: 45-52
Ng, H.H., C. J. Ferraris, Jr. & D. A. Neely2012The catfish genus Erethistoides (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) in Myanmar, with descriptions of three new speciesZootaxa, 3254: 55–68
Conway, C & M Kottelat2011Boraras naevus, a new species of miniature and sexually dichromatic freshwater fish from peninsular Thailand (Ostariophysi: Cyprinidae)Zootaxa, 3002: 45-51
Conway, K.C. & R. Britz2010Three new species of Psilorhynchus from the Ayeyarwaddy River drainage, Myanmar (Teleostei: Psilorhynchidae)Zootaxa, 2616: 31–47
Pramod, P.K., F. Fang, K. Rema Devi, T.-Y. Liao, T.J- Indra, K.S. Jameela Beevi & S.O. Kullander2010Betadevario ramachandrani, a new danionine genus and species from the Western Ghats of India (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Danioninae)Zootaxa, 2519: 31-47
Britz, R2010Macrognathus aureus, a new spiny eel of the M. aculeatus species group from the Upper Ayeyarwaddy River Drainage, Myanmar (Teleostei: Synbranchiformes: Mastacembelidae).Zootaxa, 2514: 55-60
Kullander, SO2017Devario fangae and Devario myitkyinae, two new species of danionin cyprinids from northern Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Daninoninae)Zootaxa, 2227:407-421
Kullander, S.O. & F. Fang2009Danio aesculapii, a new species of danio from south-western Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)Zootaxa, 2164: 41-48
Fang, F. & S.O. Kullander2009Devario xyrops, a new species of danionine fish from south-western Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)Zootaxa, 2164: 33-40

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