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Objects cited in the NRM Ichthyology Collection

Objects cited in:

Smitt, FA, 1887. Kritisk Förteckning öfver de i Riksmuseum befintliga Salmonider. Kongl. Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar, 21(8): 290pp + Tab I-XIII, Tafl. I-VI.

Cat NoTaxonCited asPageFigType StatusOriginal combinationOriginal author
21498Coregonus nilssoniCoregonus bolmeniensisSYNTYPECoregonus bolmeniensisSmitt, 1883
50758Coregonus pallasiiCoregonus Nilssonii
50782Coregonus nilssoniCoregonus Wartmanni
50783Coregonus maxillarisCoregonus lavaretus
50784Tinca tincaCoregonus Wartmanni
50854Coregonus peledCoregonus cyprinoides
50855Coregonus pidschianCoregonus polcur
50856Coregonus pidschianCoregonus polcur
50857Coregonus pidschianCoregonus polcur
50860Coregonus nilssoniCoregonus Wartmanni
50861Coregonus maxillarisCoregonus lavaretus
50862Coregonus maraenaCoregonus lavaretus
50868Coregonus maxillarisCoregonus lavaretus
50869Coregonus pidschianCoregonus polcur
50870Coregonus oxyrinchusCoregonus lavaretus
50871Coregonus oxyrinchusCoregonus lavaretus
50872Coregonus albulaCoregonus vimba
50873Coregonus albulaCoregonus vimba
50894Abramis sp.Coregonus lavaretus
50895Abramis bramaCoregonus Wartmanni f. Nilssonii
50896Cobitis taeniaCoregonus Wartmanni
50979Coregonus pallasiiCoregonus Nilssonii
50980Coregonus pallasiiCoregonus Nilssonii
50981Coregonus pallasiiCoregonus lavaretus
50982Coregonus oxyrinchusCoregonus microps

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