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Total digitized objects: 63521

New objects digitized 2019: 1078

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Most recent additions:

Time StampFamilySpeciesCat NoCountryType StatusLocalityDateCollector
2019-10-23Gobiidae Periophthalmus barbarus4419 CONGO KINSHASABomaUnknown date
2019-10-23Gobiidae Periophthalmus variabilis70993 SINGAPORESingapore21 Feb 1935Björkegren, B
2019-10-23Gobiidae Periophthalmus gracilis70994 SINGAPORESingapore21 Feb 1935Björkegren, B
2019-10-23Gobiidae Periophthalmus takita70995 AUSTRALIACap Jaubert, 45nm WSW30 May 1911Mjöberg, E
2019-10-23Gobiidae Callogobius sp.70996 INDONESIASumbawa Island1941Blomberg, R
2019-10-22Sciaenidae Pogonias cromis3330 USAUnknown dateGoode, G B ?
2019-10-22Sciaenidae Menticirrhus undulatus3343 USASanta BarbaraUnknown
2019-10-22Sciaenidae Umbrina xanti3344 USASan DiegoUnknown dateUnknown
2019-10-22Sciaenidae Umbrina sp.3345 CHINAShikian RiverNov 1845von Düben, M
2019-10-22Sciaenidae Umbrina cirrosa3395 ITALYMediterranean Sea: Napoli1896Russo, A

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