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Total digitized objects: 62991

New objects digitized 2019: 548

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Most recent additions:

Time StampFamilySpeciesCat NoCountryType StatusLocalityDateCollector
2019-05-22LoricariidaeHypostomus sp.70448 BRAZILAmazon Basin, Rio Negro drainage: Manaus area, white water river25 Nov 1923Melin, D, et al
2019-05-20ParalichthyidaeCitharichthys spilopterus5783 GUADELOUPESaint Barthélémy1864-1867Goës, AT
2019-05-20ParalichthyidaeCitharichthys spilopterus5784 BRAZILRio de Janeiro1867Nägeli
2019-05-15Haemulidae Diagramma pictum1290 JAPANNagasaki22 Oct 1879
2019-05-15Haemulidae Diagramma pictum1292 JAPANNagasaki26 Oct 1879Vega Expedition
2019-05-15Pleuronectidae Microstomus kitt20770 SWEDENGullmarn Fjord, KristinebergJun 1925Lönnberg, E
2019-05-15Scophthalmidae Scophthalmus rhombus69559 SWEDENGullmaren, Långegap29 Jun 1894
2019-05-15Scophthalmidae Scophthalmus rhombus69560 SWEDENGullmaren, Långegap29 Jun 1894
2019-05-15Scophthalmidae Scophthalmus rhombus69561 SWEDENSweden (or Norway)Unknown dateUnknown
2019-05-15Scophthalmidae Scophthalmus rhombus69562 SWEDENGullmarn Fjord, Kristineberg1893Kristineberg Zool. Stn.

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