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Total digitized objects: 62687

New objects digitized 2019: 244

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Time StampFamilySpeciesCat NoCountryType StatusLocalityDateCollector
2019-02-14Serranidae Epinephelus striatus336 MARTINIQUESt. Pierre at the roadstead, 30 fathoms, bottom sand8 Jan 1882Bovallius, C
2019-02-14CarangidaeChorinemus lysan4071 SINGAPORESingapore, probably market1879Vega Expedition
2019-02-14CarangidaeChorinemus sanctipetri4072 MAURITIUSIndian Ocean off Port Louis and freshwaters in the area near and N. of Port Louis14-16 Mar 1853Eugenie Expedition
2019-02-14CarangidaeChorinemus sanctipetri4073 UNKNOWN COUNTRYUnknownUnknown dateUnknown
2019-02-14CarangidaeOligoplites saurus4074 NICARAGUASan Juan del Norte, harbour, fresh water28 Oct 1882Bovallius, C
2019-02-14CarangidaeOligoplites saurus4076 BRAZILRio Grande do SoulUnknown date
2019-02-14CarangidaeChorinemus sanctipetri5049 SINGAPORESingapore1908Unknown
2019-02-14CarangidaeChorinemus lysan9790 PHILIPPINESLuzón, areas collected: Manila area; Pasing River; Santa Cruz - Los Baños; close mountain area (marine and freshwater habitats)4-14 Jan 1853Eugenie Expedition
2019-02-14CarangidaeOligoplites saurus9793 BRAZILRio de Janeiro1866Nägeli
2019-02-14CarangidaeOligoplites saurus9794 BRAZILRio de Janeiro12-21 Dec 1851

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