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Total digitized objects: 63746

New objects digitized 2020: 45

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Most recent additions:

Time StampFamilySpeciesCat NoCountryType StatusLocalityDateCollector
2020-01-16Clupeidae Poecilothrissa moeruensis71003 ZAMBIALake Mweru1970Unknown
2020-01-14Cottidae Triglopsis quadricornis71002 SWEDENLake Hummeln27 Oct 1967Filipsson, O
2020-01-13Serranidae Serranus nebulifer983 USASan Diegoto 1885Unknown
2020-01-13Myctophidae69888 INDONESIAabout 100 km S of Timor Island9 Sep 1887Schéele, G von
2020-01-13OdontobutididaeMicropercops cinctus69889 CHINAZi Shui drainage: market and fishing boat by the river in Shaoyang County town3 Apr 2002 to 5 Apr 2002Fang, F et al.
2020-01-13Carapidae69890 MADAGASCARMahajanga, near shore, among seaweed7 Jun 1912Kaudern, W
2020-01-13Stomiidae69891 Central Atlantic Ocean, depth unknownto 1900Unknown
2020-01-13Bothidae Arnoglossus grohmanni69892 N/ANo data. From the 'Travailleur' and 'Talisman' Expedition 1881-1884 - data might be obtainable from MNHNUnknown
2020-01-10Embiotocidae Brachyistius frenatus5475 CANADAVancouver Island1862Cronhjelm, A
2020-01-10Embiotocidae Brachyistius frenatus5476 USAMonterey1880Jordan, DS

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