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Accession NoAccession dateAccession typeAcquired fromDonorContextObject typeN samples
2019-008Oct 2019GiftZintzen, VZintzen, VType depositionLiquid preserved specimens4
2019-00713 Nov 2019GiftBland, BBland, BIdentification requestFrozen specimens3
2019-00622 Oct 2019DonationKylberg, EHasselborg, TIdentification requestFrozen specimens1
2019-00525 Sep 2019GiftPruvost, PPruvost, PExpress research purpose staffLiquid preserved specimens1
2019-0048 Aug 2019DonationLeijonhufvud, ELeijonhufvud, EAd hoc giftDry preserved specimens1
2019-00314 Jun 2019ExchangeTan HHTan HHExpress research purpose staffLiquid tissue samples2
2019-00226 Apr 2019DonationSundqvist, FSundqvist, FAd hoc giftLiquid specimens and tissue4
2019-0012 Apr 2019GiftSöderblom Langhé, GSöderblom Langhé, GAd hoc giftDry preserved specimens1
2018-0132018GiftLiljansdotter, VLiljansdotter, VAd hoc giftDry preserved specimens1
2018-01217 Dec 2018DonationSalesjö, ASalesjö, AAd hoc giftLiquid preserved specimens1
2018-01129 jun 2018DonationJönsson, MagnusJönsson, MagnusAd hoc giftFrozen specimens1
2018-0108 jun 2018DonationJohansson, Anders GJohansson, Anders GIdentification requestLiquid preserved specimens2
2018-00925 May 2018DonationSchofield, PSchofield, PAd hoc giftLiquid specimens and tissue20
2018-0082 May 2018House collectionKullander, SOKullander, SOExpress research purpose staffLiquid preserved specimens20
2018-00726 Apr 2018DonationLinderfalk, RLinderfalk, RIdentification requestFrozen specimens1
2018-00611 Apr 2018GiftBergquist, TBergquist, TIdentification requestLiquid preserved specimens2
2018-00523 Mar 2018DonationJonsson, HelgeJonsson, HelgeVouchers for ecological inventoryLiquid tissue samples42
2018-0047 Mar 2018GiftÅhlander, EÅhlander, EAd hoc giftLiquid preserved specimens1
2018-00313 Feb 2018DonationBorger, TBorger, TAd hoc giftLiquid tissue samples54
2018-0022 Feb 2018DonationAbbing, KAbbing, KTransfer of museum specimensN/A4
2018-0015 Jan 2018DonationFernholm, BDuplin, AAd hoc giftSkeletal specimens2
2017-01710 Oct 2017House collectionNorén, MNorén, MAd hoc collectingLiquid preserved specimens3
2017-01616 Oct 2017DonationKarlsson, MagnusKarlsson, MagnusIdentification requestLiquid preserved specimens50
2017-01517 Nov 2017DonationHillarp, J-ÅHillarp, J-ÅAd hoc giftFrozen specimens2
2017-01411 Sep 2017DonationDanielsson, SDanielsson, SAd hoc collectingFrozen specimens1

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