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Objects cited in the NRM Ichthyology Collection

Objects cited in:

Lilljeborg, W., 1881. Sveriges och Norges fiskar [Also as Sveriges och Norges Fauna, fiskarne]. W. Schultz, Upsala. In fascicles: 1 (pp. 1-208) 1881; 2 (pp. 209-496) 1884; 3 (pp. 497-782) 1884; Andre delen, 4 (pp. 1-416) 1886;, 5 (pp. 417-788) 1888; Tredje delen, 6 (pp. 1-336) 1889; 7 (pp. 337-672) 1890; 8 (pp. 673-830+I-XXI+title pages) 1891..

Cat NoTaxonCited asPageFigType StatusOriginal combinationOriginal author
47556Acantholabrus palloniLabrus palloni448

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