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16 June 2024


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Order: Salmoniformes
Family: Salmonidae
Species: Coregonus maraena   älvsik
Cat No: NRM 60824. N=4
Determiner: Delling, B 2010
Length: 310-383 mm FL
Preparation: Liquid
Continent/Ocean: Europe
Country: SWEDEN State/Province: Norrbottens län
District: Municipality:
River Drainage: Piteälven Lake Basin:
Locality: Piteälven
Field Number: WIDE-1859-PITE
Leg: Heinrici & Widegren, H
Date: 1859
SYNTYPE Coregonus aspius Smitt, 1883
Object remarks: Old metal tags 133,134,135,136. Lengths correspond to Smitt in KVA 21:8 1886./BK 2010
Locality remarks: Stated locality from Smitt (1887: p 261).


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