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17 January 2022

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Order: Squamata
Family: Amphisbaenidae
Species: Amphisbaena alba  
Cat No: NRM 129. N=1
Determiner: Linnaeus, C 1754 Length: Preparation: Liquid
Continent/Ocean: Unknown Country: UNKNOWN COUNTRY State/Province:
District: Municipality:
River Drainage: Lake Basin: Ocean:
Locality: No data. From King Adolf Fredrik's collection at Ulricsdal Castle; examined by C. Linnaeus; transferred to KVA/NRM in 1801
Field Number: KVA-LIN Leg: Date: 1720-1756
SYNTYPE Amphisbaena alba Linnaeus, C
Object remarks:
Locality remarks: Collection built up from about 1743. Including material collected by Löfling, Hasselqvist, Brander etc. A minor part from the Seba Collection. Material described and published by Linnaeus in Museum Adolphi Fiderici in 1754 and 1764. Originally at Ulriksdals Castle. Transferred from Drottningholm Castle to KVA in 1801. KVA collection fused with NRM shortly after 1819. /EIÅ, 2015


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