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Kullander, SO, 2017. Devario fangae and Devario myitkyinae, two new species of danionin cyprinids from northern Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Daninoninae). Zootaxa, 2227:407-421.

Cat NoTaxonCited asPageFigType StatusOriginal combinationOriginal author
51691Devario annandaleiDevario annandalei408
52692Devario aequipinnatusDevario aequipinnatus408
58062Devario affinisDevario affinis408
58920Devario deruptotaleaDevario deruptotalea408
69378Devario yuensisDevario yuensis408
69439Devario fangaeDevario fangae409HOLOTYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69440Devario fangaeDevario fangae409fig. 2aPARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69441Devario fangaeDevario fangae409PARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69442Devario fangaeDevario fangae409fig. 1c, 2bPARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69443Devario fangaeDevario fangae409PARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69444Devario fangaeDevario fangae409PARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69447Devario fangaeDevario fangae409PARATYPEDevario fangaeKullander, 2017
69501Devario myitkyinaeDevario myitkyinae414fig. 5aHOLOTYPEDevario myitkyinaeKullander, 2017

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