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23 March 2019

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Order: Synbranchiformes
Family: Synbranchidae
Species: Synbranchus marmoratus  
Cat No: NRM 8231. N=1
Determiner: Andersson, LG 1910 Length: Preparation: Liquid
Continent/Ocean: Unknown Country: UNKNOWN COUNTRY State/Province: Unknown
District: Municipality:
River Drainage: Lake Basin: Ocean:
Locality: No data. From the old collection. Probably identical with specimen in C.F. Hornstedt's catalogue 1788.
Field Number: KVA-HORNSTEDT Leg: Unknown Date: before 1788

Object remarks: Possibly identical with Synbranchus imaculatus (sic.) in Quensel's catalogue, and labels from Quensel and Dalman previously attached to NRM 8605 (now with this jar!). Mix between NRM 8231 and 8605 assumed to have occurred between 1828 and 1910. No other lot seems to match these labels! Following note on p 29 in Quensels Catalogue (1800) referable to Muraena Angvilla in Hornstedt's catalogue 1788. Possibly from de Geer (1778), Fahlberg (via Bjelcke, 1786) or Hansson (1787). /EIÅ, 2007.
Locality remarks: Date of collecting and accession antedates 13 Feb 1788.


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