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Collection Management Software

The Artedian and Web Artedian

The Artedian is an MS-Access2000 application for managing ichthyological collections, in use at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. A stable beta version is used for the NRM Ichthyology collection, and a stable pre-final version may be downloaded here (compiled) or requested from the author.

For further information, please contact Sven O Kullander.

Artedian Main Menu
The Main Menu of a beta version of The Artedian

Version 2.0 is available in compiled state. Download 2.1 build 5 (posted 25 August 2006, as a zip file, unzip it and follow the instructions in the README.TXT file to get started.
Depending on your particular computer configuration the compiled file may work more or less well. You may also request the source version from Sven O Kullander. This is the fourth Access2000 version. Last Access97 version was 1.0 build 7. Previous Access2000 versions were 2.0 build 3, 2.0 build 18, 2.0 build 42, 2.0 build 64

The Web Artedian now also available for download: version 0.6 beta 2. See the Web Artedian in action: NRM Ichthyology collection

System requirements (The Artedian):

The product is offered as is, and at the risk of the user alone. Neither code contributors, beta testers, the author, or the Swedish Museum of Natural History can be held responsible for any effects on any subjects or objects, real or virtual, following use of the Artedian or the Web Artedian, whether modified or unmodified. Uploaded files are virus-free, but it cannot be guaranteed that downloaded files or files obtained from secondary distributions are free from harmful content. The current version assumes that you have legally obtained and licensed software from Microsoft.



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